Encoded Transmission: (1) 26 35 54 67 75 (3) 20 25

Encoded transmission received 2/17/18 0730

Message printed as received:

(Ref: Leagamar seoltóireacht ar an bhfarraige nua seo toisc go bhfuil eolas nua le fáil, agus cearta nua a bhuaigh, agus caithfear iad a bhuaigh agus a úsáid chun dul chun cinn na ndaoine ar fad. Maidir le heolaíocht spáis, cosúil le heolaíocht núicléach agus gach teicneolaíocht, níl aon choinsiasa aige féin. Braitheann sé nó sí i bhfeidhm ar mhaithe le tinn nó le droch-bhraitheann sé ar dhuine, agus níl sé ach amháin má tá seasamh réamhtheachtaithe ag na Stáit Aontaithe, is féidir linn cabhrú le cinneadh a dhéanamh an mbeidh an aigéan nua seo mar farraige na síochána nó ag amharclann nua cogaidh. Ní deirim gur chóir dúinn níos mó ná mar a dhéanfaimid neamhshuim i gcoinne mí-úsáid naimhdeach na spás ná mar a théannimid gan chosaint i gcoinne úsáid naimhdeach talún nó mara, ach deirim gur féidir spás a iniúchadh agus a máistreacht gan na tinte cogaidh a bheathú, gan athrá a dhéanamh ar na botúin a rinne an duine ag leathnú a chuid scríbhneoireachta timpeall an domhain seo.

Níl aon strus, gan dochar, gan aon choimhlint náisiúnta sa spás amuigh fós. Tá a chuid guaiseacha naimhdeach dúinn go léir. Is fiú an chuid is mó den chine daonna a chuid conquest, agus ní mór a lán teacht arís arís.)

Now as I looked at the living beings, behold, there was one wheel on the earth beside the living beings, for each of the four of them. The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was like sparkling beryl, and all four of them had the same form, their appearance and workmanship being as if one wheel were within another. Whenever they moved, they moved in any of their four directions without turning as they moved.

Location: 33°58.1′N 105°14.6′W

Use cipher to decode message. Once decoded re-transmit via all channels.

Encoded Transmission: (02) 12 19 23 34 65 49

Friday Girl: Hunter McGrady

Hunter McGrady isn't new to the pages of Sports Illustrated, but this year's SI Swim edition marks her official rookie debut. As the curviest model to be featured, McGrady—who is a size 16—wants to be more than just the skin she's photographed in; she wants her photos to represent the essence of what it means to be a confident, resilient, empowered woman.

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Right Off The Rack: Planet of the Apes Ursus #2 BOOM! Studios

(W) David Walker (A) Chris Mooneyham (CA) Paolo Rivera, Michael Allred

Discover how the first meeting of Ursus and Zaius changed their destinies!

(Click For Preview)

Right Off The Rack: Robotech #7 Titan Comics

(W) Brian Wood, Simon Furman (A) Marco Turini (CA) Martin Simmonds

Legendary Transformers scribe Simon Furman joins writer Brian Wood to chronicle the ongoing adventures of the SDF-1!

The second arc of the sell-out, fan favorite series!

What If Deadpool Was A Clown That Killed Monsters On The Subway?

Thanks to Tim Knight for bringing this one to my attention.

It's a question that Chinese film makers decided to tackle: "What If Deadpool Was A Clown That Killed Monsters On The Subway?" Honestly this one really has to be seen to be believed. In the upcoming Chinese movie "Animal World" a superhero who is a odd mash up of both Deadpool and The Joker fights a combination of street thugs and Star Wars cantina aliens on the subway. Oh and did I mention that the film stars Michael Douglas?

Check this out:

No plot details have been released yet, but I think that trailer speaks for itself.

Xena: Her courage will change the world!

Xena #1

From Dynamite Entertainment

The path to redemption is never easy, and the journey of a warrior princess seeking to wash the blood of innocents from her hands is no exception. Xena travels to Athens, to plead for redemption in the temple of Eleos. But some things can never be forgiven and the shadows of past sins are long. Will Xena find redemption or betrayal waiting for her in the temple of the gods? The power, the passion, the danger... her courage would change the world. Xena: Warrior Princess.

Tonight I should have stayed at home playing with my pleasure zone

Imagine my surprise when I found this article:

From Indie Wire

Betty Dodson has made a career out of teaching women to masturbate, but she’s only one woman. “You first have to be self-sexual, and then you can have sex with other people,” Dodson said recently, summarizing a life philosophy that has crowned her the grand dame of radical sex positivity. “The love affair — the sex affair — that we have with ourselves is the primary one. It should be ongoing throughout our life, and we should honor it.”

When earnest and tasteful portrayals of women masturbating start to crop up in Oscar-nominated films, however, that’s a marked cultural shift toward embracing women’s pleasure. Not at the hands of a man, or any partner for that matter, and — most importantly — with women as the masters of their own pleasure — not simply as a source of it for others.

Twice in “The Shape of Water,” the most-nominated film of the season, Elisa (Sally Hawkins) is seen in her morning bath, one foot up on the clawfoot tub, the water splashing gently around her as she quickly rubs one out. It’s just one part of a morning routine that involves boiling an egg and shining her shoes. The film’s director Guillermo del Toro very intentionally sandwiched Elisa’s morning delight between these mundane morning tasks.

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Wow! If the Gill-Man can get your motor running like that ... I honestly don't know how to end this.

The Alien Visitors: Our Friends

From Deadline Hollywood

Sci-fi classic vehicle V is being revived as a film by Desilu Studios, with the new version of the former TV series written and directed by the original ’80s series creator, Kenneth Johnson.

Called V The Movie, the film’s casting and a release date are not yet determined. It will be produced by John Hermansen and Barry Opper.

The original two-part miniseries aired on NBC in 1983, telling the story of an alien invasion by a reptilian race disguising themselves as humans. While some humans rejoiced at their new overlords and willingly cooperated, a human resistance quickly emerged. And good thing it did – it was discovered that (spoiler alert) the reptilians were using the cooperating humans as (wait for it) – food!

The original miniseries was enormously popular, giving birth to a 1984 sequel, V: The Final Battle; a 1985 show called V: The Series that quickly went away; and finally, a 2009 reboot that lasted two seasons and left a lot of loose ends.

Johnson has not been involved in the series since V: The Final Battle, departing then because of alleged creative differences with NBC. He then wrote a novel, V: The Second Generation, and came up with the Alien Nation TV series (and its subsequent TV movies).


Details on Carnage’s role in the Venom movie

From Flickering Myth

From the moment that Sony first announced it would be launching a shared Spider-Man spinoff universe with a Venom movie, it’s been rumoured from several sources that Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock will find himself doing battle with Cletus Kasady, a.k.a. Carnage.

So far, there’s been no confirmation on this front; we’ve heard nothing about casting for Carnage, and there wasn’t any hint on the character in the first teaser trailer (but hey, we didn’t get to see Venom either, so…)

Well, if a new rumour from That Hashtag Show is to be believed, Carnage will indeed make an appearance in the film, although he won’t be the main villain. Instead, we’ll apparently get a Cletus Kasady appearance towards the end of the movie, possibly as a post-credit scene, where he’ll be under the care of Dr. Ashley Kafka, who introduces him to Eddie Brock. And, similar to his comic book origin, we’ll then see an offshoot of the symbiote making his way towards Kasady, setting the stage for a Carnage appearance in a sequel or spinoff.

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